marketing servicesBig Fin Solutions is a resource for business owners who want to effectively market their brand and sell more products or services. We do this by providing marketing services in the form of expert coaching and services to support local optimization, digital marketing, social media management, web development, and much more.  Visit our specific services to learn more.

Our featured service, what we’re best known for, is marketing advice.  Did you ever want to get an “expert opinion” from a marketing professional but didn’t know how?  Founder Michael Fleischner spent over a decade providing objective marketing advice to business owners and saw a need.  Many business owners are bombarded with individual providers each trying to capture a portion of their marketing budget.  But what investment makes sense for your business?

Working with a marketing coach is kinda like asking your older brother for dating advice.  No pressure, just objective advice based on real world experience.  Don’t leave your marketing to chance.  Big Fin Solutions is your trusted adviser – we’re here to recommend marketing solutions to your most pressing marketing challenges.