Marketing Coaching: Learn From Proven Experts

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the conflicting information on local marketing, join the club.  Marketing your business effectively has only gotten more complicated and worse yet, most so-called experts can’t agree on “best practices”.

My name is Michael Fleischner, CEO of Big Fin Solutions. I’ve personally coached hundreds of small business owners, online marketers and digital marketers on the best and most effective practices for marketing their business online.

Michael Fleischner SEO Coaching

As an entrepreneur, marketing expert, and author, I’ve spent more than a dozen years learning, testing, and measuring strategies that produce immediate and long-term results.

I’d like to be your marketing coach – someone who can cut through the clutter and teach you the most effective strategies for promoting your business on major search engines, mobile, and social. I am the author of popular search engine optimization books such as SEO Made Simple 5th Editionhave trained Fortune 1,000 companies on dominating search engines, and was even considered a Google insider for a short time.

A number of years ago I started my first SEO training program.  I personally worked with this group to teach them everything I know about search engine optimization through regular training calls, assignments, Q & A sessions, and tons of real-world examples. Most of my webinars ran for 90 minutes or so and were very informative.  I even answered questions from the group on each call. That’s when it hit me….

Every local business needs affordable access to a marketing coach!

After giving it considerable thought, I decided to change my business model.  If I wanted to help more companies, I needed a better way to help them through different levels of support:

  • Work one-on-one with an expert marketing coach
  • Meet monthly with a marketing professional to vet ideas and discuss strategies for growing their business
  • Meet every week or every other week with a marketing professional to receive guidance on specific marketing projects
  • Have access to a marketing professional whenever they needed  one (i.e. The on-call marketing professional)

SEO expert and SEO Coach

When you join Big Fin Solutions, you’ll get access to all of the knowledge and experience of experienced marketing professionals who have a proven track record… years of experience.  Moreover, they are hand picked by your’s truly.  I only hire the best and advise my team of marketing professionals. We spend a lot of time together, with daily briefings and reviews of every customer’s current marketing challenges.

How much does it cost? Less than you might think… I’ll explain shortly. We can cover a lot of ground in an hour… don’t be surprised if we improve more your search engine rankings! Most students get advice in a lot of areas of internet marketing, including website optimization, usability, and improving their site’s conversion rate.

Marketing Coaching Special
*** Limited Time Offer***

Join today for just $495/month (List price: $1,795)

The cost for this exclusive marketing program is just $495/month, normally $4,997 (Yes, we have corporations paying us upwards of $5K/month just to have us “on-call” when making critical marketing decisions).  Imagine having an experienced marketing profession accessible 24/7 to help you make the best marketing decisions for your business?

  • New website or just an update?
  • Should you be advertising on Facebook?
  • Should I be advertising in local papers or in Val-Pak?
  • Is my pricing strategy right?
  • How do I attract more clients?
  • How do I increase my average order size?

During our first month together, you’ll receive: A complete assessment of your current marketing challenges and list of priorities. Once we identify the most efficient path to growing your business through effective marketing practices, your coach will guide you through every step with:

  • One on one coaching sessions
  • 2x/month review calls
  • Email support
  • Access to a monthly training call

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“Let me give you an example… “Michael, truly amazing!  I can’t believe how much I learned and I’m seeing significant improvements in my website traffic, keyword rankings, and conversions. I’ve generated more than $6,000 from one marketing coaching session alone.”

– Dan Murphy, Empowerment Network

P.S. Why should you depend on a marketing coach? Well, it’s kinda like seeing the doctor when you’re sick. He (or she) has spent their entire lives learning, studying, working with patients – who else would you see when you’re sick?  … a taxi drive?  Of course not. The same is true when it comes to marketing.  We’ve spent our lives studying, learning, applying new technologies, working with real clients and getting real results. Let us help you.

P.S.S. If you have questions, feel free to email me using my contact form. Due to existing commitments, I am not able to take questions directly by phone, but if you leave a phone number in your email, I will be happy to call you back as soon as I am available.