How to Attract More Customers To Your Business

  Are you struggling to grow your business? List to my latest interview where I reveal powerful strategies for local business growth.  Host Doren Aldana, is a leading marketing expert and his podcast is a MUST for any business owner who wants to dramatically improve sales and profitability.  Download this podcast and many more at […]

Building Your Personal Brand

I’ve been helping a variety of individuals from those who have been slandered online to high worth individuals trying to remove any trace of their personal information online.  What I’ve discovered is that you can effectively build (or manage) your online reputation with simple, yet effective techniques.  There are a variety of strategies work but […]

15 Ways To Protect Your Online Reputation

  Check out my latest ebook, “15 Ways to Protect Your Online Reputation” now available on  Whether you are a recent graduate or experienced professional looking for your next company, having a positive online reputation. 7 out of 10 Human Resource professionals admit “Googl’ing” potential candidates.  Are you a freelancer or business owner?  Prospective […]

Placed Local, LLC

A quick shout out to my business partner Greg Cesar! We’ve started a new business venture and will be helping thousands of small businesses improve their online reputation. If you’d like to better promote your business online, generated more leads for your business, and convert more prospects into paying customers, then check out my latest […]

My latest project

After many years of focusing on SEO, Blogging, and publishing, I continue to enjoy sharing my knowledge with others and expanding my skill set.  This month, Upward SEO – my online reputation management company, expanding it’s business with new clients.  Whether you are a professional or run a business that depends on a good reputation, […]