Case Study

  • Category :Social Media Management
  • Date :October, 2018
  • Client :Sunny Family Dental

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Project Brief:

Sunny Family Dental is a leading practice based in California. Dr. Shah is one of the areas top docs with awards for cosmetic dentistry and many other disciplines. In addition to managing a successful practice, he lectures, trains, and develops others in the dental field.

Although Sunny Family Dental has a thriving practice, they were looking to expand into other areas with new office locations. In addition to working with Dr. Shah to promote new locations via digital marketing, we also embarked on an aggressive social media campaign. All social media accounts needed to be optimized so we implemented our social media framework to add a disciplined approach to social marketing.

  • Social media audit
  • Account optimization
  • Editorial calendar
  • Engagement data
  • Channel differentiation
  • Post analytics
  • Content generation
  • Content curation
  • Launch and monitor

Step 01

Social Media Audit

Our engagement began with a deep review of all social media accounts and activity. By understanding the work previously done by Dr. Shah and his team, we were able to gain insights into his most loyal customers across multiple social media platforms. Key insights would later be used to develop an editorial calendar and topics for meaningful posts that would improve his brand and communicate important information.

The audit revealed a number of services and images to be most engaging. This not only helped with social media content, but the development of instructional videos for both advertising as well as client education.

Step 02

Doing the Work

It’s great to have a plan but plans need to be executed. After analyzing all of the data and formulating a strategy, we embarked on an aggressive initiative to grow social media followers and engagement for Sunny Family Dental. The solution involved both social media management as well as social media advertising. 

Increasing exposure on social media required the development of an editorial calendar for each social channel and an advertising strategy to target specific areas of future patients. This advanced targeting meant tat we could reach the right prospects at a very low cost.

Step 03

Getting Results

It wasn’t long before we saw a major uptick in social media responsiveness. We were able to develop and run meaningful content that grew followers over 1,342% and improved engagement by 84.1% in just 3 months.

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